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Gita Seva

Gordana helped me gain new perspectives on life and relationships. I learned how to situate myself in peace before taking action in relation to life challenges. I felt like having a Ph.D. education in human psychology, life coaching and personal development.

Chris Antrim

My experience with Goga holding space for me to do The Work was life transforming and enlightening! Goga’s loving presence was sustained through the whole facilitation. I felt supported, never judged and related to. I would highly recommend Goga, she is a skilled facilitator! Thank you Goga for a undeniable life transforming hour with you as a client. Blessings Christine

Annemarie Ooft

Working with Gordana has been a pleasure. I felt her quiet and strong presence as I dived into a worksheet about my dying mother, for me some of the most intimate work I have done so on far and definitely not easy to look at. She was there with me all the way and gave me some beautiful examples, clear and honest. By the end of the worksheet I felt nothing but joy streaming right through me as I read aloud to her how I was looking forward to encounters with my mother that beforehand I would have had nothing but dread, worry and sadness about. Gordana is an excellent facilitator and I truly recommend working with her. I feel grateful and blessed. Thank you, Gordana!

Slavica Nedic Josipovic

To do the Work with Gordana is equally authentic as it is to do it with Byron Katie. I attended one seminar by Byron Katie here in Zurich, and before that I had done the Work with Gordana which was a priceless experience. The work on yourself is a slow process of transformation which can be sped with her help. I highly recommend Gordana Ivetic because she doesn’t copy Byron Katie, but works using her own experience. And that is then ‘alive’ and brings results.

Jasmina Miskovic

I had been familiar with the Work of Byron Katie and when I stumbled upon Gordana I felt resonance because she has a wonderful energy and to do the Work with her is a great experience. With her gentle guidance, things that no longer serve you, simply fall away. She is clearly a professional and even when we do the Work in a group setting, the topics we work on help everybody. I highly recommend her!

Hilari Grubina

Even though I have worked on myself for quite some time now, Gordana showed me a method which can greatly alleviate my suffering and clarify things for me. She works in such a way that everything becomes understandable for you. She is a wonderful soul that has won me over with her simplicity and an amazing open-minded approach. That is love in action.

Tamara Kulji

After doing the Work with Gordana, my life has turned around 180 degrees – positively, of course. I became aware of my issues, faced them, made peace with them and moved forward. I learned again how to live here and now. THANK YOU!

Natasa Vuksan

In the last several years I have been working intensely on my fears, anxieties and improving concentration. Things were getting better for a while but then suddenly relationships with my family members started to crumble due to these changes in me. It was a very sad and dark period of my life. In tears, I knocked on Goga’s door and that is when my Work has begun. I haven’t discovered anything so effective that brought me relief and healing incredibly fast. Today I am very serene, clear, peaceful and kind; I accept people for what they are, but also, for what they cannot be. Thank you so much, Gordana!

Gabrijela Jovanovic

I would highly recommend anybody to work with Goga, and there are several reasons for that. What I especially like is that with her help we alone get in touch with ourselves and witness why we experience reality in a particular way. As a result we have more understanding and love both for ourselves and for other people. Thank you so much!

Sanja Mandic

I am still feeling the effects of your workshop. Such a wonderful experience. Even though I have worked on myself  for decades, read, meditated, visited all kinds of workshops, this experience was so strong, simple and natural. Thank you so much!


Zenaida Nadina Karmann Sode

I did the Work of Byron Katie with Gordana and it was a very interesting and great experience. Gordana is very calm and patient with a great knowledge of human emotions. After one hour I became a new me! Thanks, Gordana.

Amy Heilman

Goga was a wonderful facilitator for The Work. She was patient and held space very intentionally for me without judgment. We even got to laugh some. 🙂 Goga is very passionate about what she does, and it’s her authentic spirit that shines through when she works with people, which helped me feel at ease. She is experienced in her own self study, and she knows how to guide people to inquire more deeply toward themselves in a practical way. I would absolutely trust Goga to facilitate The Work, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Kira Cantatore

Your session worked wonders! It’s magic! 🙂

Ivana Milojevic

After just one session with Gordana, I gained such deep insights that I am still in awe. I recommend Gordana to all the brave seekers of Truth who are not afraid of their own depths and meeting the forgotten parts of themselves.

Sasa Scekic Karadzic

What I felt doing The Work with Goga was a complete nakedness in front of myself, while reaching the deepest parts of my being. I saw the problematic situation from a totally different perspective. Deeply grateful!

Ina Vojvodic

Gordana is a wonderful, wise woman who I recommend if you need someone to help you with hardcore beliefs that are the cause of our suffering. I did The Work with her several times and every time I felt a great inner shift and mental clarity.

Jagoda Kikic

Gordana is a wonderful teacher and helper when your mind gets stuck. She inspires great trust and her sessions flow with ease, after which you feel at peace and experience a release from suffering. I highly recommend her! Big thanks!

Dolores Svetic

Throughout my session with Goga, she offered a gentle guidance while keeping me focused and bringing desired results, which is to become more aware on my road to change and realization of who I am. A great gift that everybody would welcome! Thank you!

Andjelija Ziza

I felt free and safe while doing The Work with Gordana, feeling love in the presence of a woman who I’d just met, and that is not something I normally experience. My Work was very efficient, and at the end of the session I was laughing at the issue that I thought had been my problem. A wonderful and useful experience.

Jelena Franjic

In my experience, the effect of The Work is a total freedom, and outside circumstances don’t have anything to do with it. Goga brought me exactly to that place of freedom, and at the same time gave me tools to stay there. That was a true value of working with Gordana. Grateful! 🙂

Biljana Djukic

I feel like I found new parents after my session with Goga. Deeply grateful.

Nada Raković

Doing the Work with Gordana, for the first time I was able to see a certain situation from a totally different perspective. Most of what bothers us loses its potency or even disappears when we question our thoughts. The majority of my sessions with Goga would end up in laughter. She is really great, calm and able to bring to light those hidden parts of us that we had missed to notice.

Zina S

I worked on several issues with Goga. She guides you patiently and with great dedication through the sessions. A wonderful and useful experience that I recommend to all.

Patricija Simov

I always look forward to my sessions with Goga who with lots of love and patience guides me to the ‘zero’ point, which is the essence of who we are. Deeply grateful for it.