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On Loneliness and Awakening

I once believed that I was lonely. I experienced a strong bodily contraction combined with unkind and painful thoughts that I believed in such as:

  • I am useless.
  • They should have invited me to that gathering.
  • I don’t belong anywhere.
  • Something is wrong with me.

Of course, now from this perspective I can see that nobody can be actually lonely, as much as this may sound strange. These thoughts and physical sensations were simply appearing in limitless awareness.

So if you’ve ever struggled with a similar issue, you can ask yourself these question:

Can a thought actually be lonely? Notice, thoughts are just streaming, one after another, they appear and disappear. Notice the place from which they come and where they dissolve.

Can a bodily sensation be lonely? It is again just a sensation appearing and disappearing, you cannot be that as you are the one noticing it.

What is small and partial (a thought/bodily sensation) is always appearing in that which is whole and unlimited (awareness, source/void). Notice that which is whole – life all around you, 3D experience.

This can be applied to many different situations in our lives, as we are being hypnotized by our thoughts and emotions believing that we are a fraction of reality, while in actuality we are Totality, we are awareness of it all.

Recently, I held one workshop on loneliness where I also explained what triggered my loneliness, what were some symptoms of loneliness, and how I overcame it. The summary of the introduction of that workshop you can see in my new video on YouTube. In the workshop, we also did the Work of Byron Katie, which as you might know, I always warmly recommend to all who want to wake up out of hypnosis and bad dreams – because, reality is kind. We just need to open our eyes and see its simplicity, support and abundance.

With love,

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