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Imagine you have just been born

Imagine you have just been born.

You open your eyes and there is no past nor future,

because you cannot conceptualize it.

There is just this moment now,

and you have no words to describe it.

So when your eyes are open, how would you

know, what is you and what is the world?

And you don’t even know that you have a body.

There are just those wide baby eyes,

and nameless reality.

Nothing to strive for, nothing

to crave, nothing to avoid, no mind that

divides the experience into desirable and undesirable,

into good and bad.

No borders.

All is welcome to arise in that pristine openness.

Light, sounds, taste, smell, colors appearing in

what is colorless, soundless, formless…

And then suddenly, a thought appears.

But it is not your thought, of course, because,

you‘ don’t exist as a separate entity yet,

that firm belief hasn’t solidified yet.

Mommy, give, Mikey – and gone.

And then more words, more concepts,

The world becomes more complex (seemingly),

and then there is ‘you’ arising as one such complexity.

And yet all the intricate web of thoughts and concepts

are appearing in the original, pristine, openness of

who you really are.

At one point you really start believing –

those ancient stories and small appearances

– a word, a number, a sensation,

you and me and the world of

separate object each made by the given name.

And then pain, because you lost yourself

in the mirage of that mind-created world,

covered in myriad of ephemeral thoughts,

forgetting the wide-eyed look

of innocence, that deep

background of all experience,

the void that you are

with its eyes peaking into this

seeming world.

And yet the baby in you,

is always here.

And you can simply stop,

and see what is always present

when all the noise subsides,

and be that what gives rise to the noise

and all sensory experience.

Forever innocent and new.

Just look as if you are that baby.

Just now – be born to this moment,

and see for yourself,

what you really are.





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