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“I am attracting this” – is it true? (Set yourself free from the Law of Attraction)

Most of us who have been on this spiritual path have been exposed to the idea of the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions create our reality, which is done consciously or unconsciously. While some people claim to have experienced great success in attracting positive circumstances to their life, this idea has never quite sit right with me. Actually, the thought that my thoughts create my reality has made me anxious so I decided to question it via the Work of Byron Katie and set myself free of it.

I am attracting this.” (When something doesn’t go as I have imagined that it should have.)

Is it true? Can I absolutely know that my thoughts/emotions are responsible for the way my reality looks right now?


What happens, how do I react when I believe in this thought?

I experience anxiety, low self-esteem, I believe further that there is something wrong with me which I am not aware of and that that part is attracting the so called ‘negative’ situation, I feel small and tight in my body, I feel fear and then I am afraid of that fear because there is a belief that if I fear something, it will come true.

Who would I be without this thought?

I would act more freely and actually in spite of fear. I would be more in peace with events as they are. And without this magical thinking, I would simply be more rational about life and myself.

Let’s turn this thought around and find some examples for the turnarounds:

“I am not attracting this.”

I don’t actually have a proof for it. I can find many examples in my life when I was fearful and anxious and yet everything worked out perfectly (getting my previous jobs, getting MA assistantship, travelling, etc.) so it shows that regardless of my anxious thoughts life happened the way it did.

My thinking is attracting this

In a sense my thinking that I am attracting certain situations to my life – is making it real. Without these thoughts about the law of attraction – there is just life as is.

I am repulsing this.”

Paradoxically by believing in the Law of Attraction, I am perhaps repulsing opportunities which I would pursue without this magical thinking that I have to ‘feel’ right about something in order to do it.

So this is it – just one thought and wow – I feel much lighter! 🙂 Hope this short article serves you too. If you have thoughts on this, I would love to hear your experience.

With much love,

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