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The process of inquiry that can set you free

I went through deep suffering: I was a bulimic woman with anger issues, numerous insecurities and fears, and occasional outbursts of suicidal thoughts that would surface as an escape plan if all else failed.

Then, I discovered that there was a way out of that darkness, and one of the many tools that aided me on my journey was The Work of Byron Katie, which I now wholeheartedly recommend to all peace-seekers and incorporate into my practice to assist those who may need additional guidance.

The Work is a meditative process which we use to question our stressful thoughts and set ourselves free. It is a way to find unconditional peace regardless of our external circumstances. Through this process, we realize that we are not mere victims of life, but that we have the power over our experience. It becomes evident that the external world is not the cause of our suffering, but rather our beliefs about the world. We can meet these beliefs, question them, understand them, and de-hypnotize ourselves from the narrow-state of mind into expansiveness and lightness of being.

There are three prerequisites for the your Work to be effective: an open mind, honesty, and a willingness to take a deeper look at oneself. If this sounds like you, I invite you to contact me for further information:

Individual sessions

Question and resolve your stressful thoughts or dive deeper into the nature of Self.